MEMS fabricated conformal electrodes for thermotunneling cooling

A microelectromechanical system (MEMS) is being developed for controlled fracture of a silicon micro-beam, a promising method for producing a pair of conformal electrodes. The distance between corresponding points in a pair of conformal electrodes remain constant (within a few nm variation) across a large area (~ 1 µm2). This can facilitate large area cold field emission / tunneling, which can be used for many purposes


  • High efficiency on-chip refrigeration (solid state refrigerator).
  • Electron emitter with high brightness (high current density)
  • X-ray, microwave micro-sources


  • A Banerjee, Y Hirai, T Tsuchiya, O Tabata, to be presented in IEEE-NEMS2016 int. conf. (Apr. 17–20, 2016) at Matsushima bay and Sendai city, Japan.