Nanoscale mechanical resonators for mass-sensing applications

A Nanoscale mechanical resonator can be used as an efficient mass-sensor since a miniscule variation of its mass (in 10-18 – 10-24 gram) causes a measurable shift in its resonance frequency. This feature can be exploited for novel applications in healthcare, environmental and industrial monitoring. Sensitivity of resonant mass-sensors can be enhanced by adopting light-weight materials, which makes graphene an attractive choice. We are developing CVD graphene drum resonators for sensing of targeted gases in PPT level dilution. Fabrication / sensing strategies for Graphene / Si resonators are shown in the following figures.  


  • Early detection of infections (e.g., H. Pylori) by monitoring PPT level variations in breath-gases (e.g., NH3)
  • Monitoring indoor and industrial environments for toxic elements
Graphene drum resonator device
Si resonator device