Encapsulation techlogogy for MEMS

58The importance of MEMS packaging technique to form a cavity with controlled ambient by various gases which is required for not only common MEMS devices but also the emerging topics (e.g. MEMS atomic clock composed of alkali metal vapor cell), has been increasing. Hermeticity and controllability of ambient in the cavity are crucial for those applications. This study proposes a newly developed packaging technique employing glass-frit reflowing into the microchannels fabricated on silicon chip for MEMS packaging to seal a cavity with gas.


[International Conference]

  • Y.Hirai,H.Yoshimune,K.Tsujimoto,K.Sugano,T.Tsuchiya,O.Tabata,“Microchannel embedded in glass-frit layer bonding for gas-filled sealed cavity”, HARMST2009,Saskatoon,Canada,2009.