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A micromachine accomplishes a dream to realize machines that manipulate information with light, diagnose the body from the inside, or assembles parts by operating individual atoms and molecules. We are aiming at the realization of microsystems and nanosystems with novel and unique functions by integrating functional elements in different domains such as mechanics, electronics, chemistry, optics and biotechnology. These micro/nano systems are expected to be novel machines which will support a highly-networked information society, an aging society and an eco-friendly society in the 21st century. Research on a three dimension micro fabrication and micro/nano assembling technology for construction of micro/nano systems, evaluation of mechanical properties of thin films, micro sensors, micro-actuators, etc., is pursued.


【Research Topics】

  • 3D Nano-/ Microfabrication for N/MEMS
  • Fusions between MEMS and DNA nanotechnology
  • Mechanical properties and reliabilities of nano-/micro-materials
  • Nano-/micro-sensors and actuators. Design, fabrication and evaluation technologies
  • Nano-/ Micro device and systems for regenerative medicine

Current Projects (Link)


【Science Society Activities】


MicRO Alliance Meeting


Nano/Micro Lithography Consortium for Organic Functional Materials

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