Body on a Chip device for drug permeability evaluation

Recently, Body on a Chip (BoC), has attracted great attentions as a reliable drug screening platform. It reestablished complicated cell culture environment  and recapitulated the micro physiological response of human tissues in vitro. In our laboratory, we fabricated a heart/liver device with culturing of human cardiomyocytes (Heart) and hepatoma cells (Liver cancer). It is possible to present the side effects from liver metabolites of anticancer drugs on cardiomyocytes. Since types of drug evaluations are required in the pharmaceutical fields, more than drug toxicity, we are also working on improving the functions of devices.


  • Drug discovery screening
  • Personalized medicine using human iPS cells


  • K.Kamei, et al. (2017). Integrated heart/cancer on a chip to reproduce the side effects of anti-cancer drugs in vitro. RSC Advances, 7(58), 36777-36786.