MEMS Deformable Mirror Actuated By Electrostatic Piston Array

uno_enInspection light of funduscopy is warped by distortion of eyeball. So deformable mirrors (DMs) to correct light instantly and accurately are widely utilized. We suggested a new DM, which generate large displacement. In this study, I establish it’s fabrication process, and improve design with mathematics analysis model for shape of DM.


  •  Wavefront adaptive element in the funduscopy
  •  Astronomical observation


  • Large-displacement electrostatic deformable mirror with movable bottom electrodes
    The 2014 International Conference on Optical MEMS and Nanophotonics (OMN 2014), Glasgow, Scotland (17-21 Aug. 2014), pp.119-120.
  • A. Uno, V. K. Singh, Y. Hirai, T. Tsuchiya, and O. Tabata, “Mathematical modeling and analysis of MEMS electrostatic-driven deformable mirror using movable bottom electrodes“, 2015 Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan Micromachine/Sensor Division Symposium, Fukuoka, Japan, July 2015