Process Parameter Optimizer

Grayscale lithography has been attracting huge attention recent years as a solution to 3D microstructuring for MEMS applications. However, process parameters (e.g. exposure dose pattern, focal position and development time) here is highly coupled and needs to be decided by inefficient and time-consuming trial-and-error method. In order to improve parameter design efficiency and fabrication accuracy, a straight-forward “input target-out put parameter” optimization method is provided in this work.


  •  3D microstructuring based on grayscale lithography
  •   MEMS, Micro fluidic system, Micro optical system, etc.



  • X. Ma, Y. Hirai, etc., APCOT 2014, Daegu, Korea (June, 2014), 6-1
  • X. Ma, Y. Hirai, etc., 9246 SPIE Advanced Lithography 2015, San Jone CA (February, 2015)