Single-Crystal Lithium Niobate Piezoelectric Disk Gyroscope

A mode-matched single-crystal lithium niobate disk gyroscope has been proposed and fabricated to realize a tactical grade MEMS gyroscope. To mitigate its anisotropy and achieve mode-matching in two wine-glass modes, we adopted an optimum wafer, 155°Y-cut wafer, and a unique electrode design. Rate output from the fabricated disk was measured successfully. The measured scale factor and bias instability were 0.35 µV/º/s and 0.18°/s, respectively.

[Applications] • Gyroscope • Piezoelectric disk resonator


  • K. Obitani, T. Tsuchiya, K. Araya, M. Yachi, 45th International Conference onMicro & Nano Engineering (MNE2019), Rhodes, Greece (September 23-26, 2019)
  • K. Obitani, T. Tsuchiya, K. Araya, M. Yachi, The 33rd International Conference on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (IEEE MEMS 2020), Vancouver, Canada (January 18-22, 2020)

Research,Sensorgyroscope,lithium niobate