Introduction to NMS Lab

Our group conducts research on nano/microscale machines, mainly fabricated using semiconductor fabrication technology, called as “Nano/Microsystem". In this size scale, specific phenomenon, such as electrostatic force, air dumping and quantum effect become dominant to express behaviors of machines. We need to have a new insights for understanding the operation of machines. We employs a novel fabrication, measurement, design and analysis technologies to create a new machine, which is going to be used in future societies.


Professor: Toshiyuki TSUCHIYA, Assitant Professor: Yoshikazu HIRAI
Researcher 1, Secretary 1, PhD student 4, M2 student 5, M1 student 4, B4 student 4


  • Office, Laboratory
  • Cleanroom
  • Nanotechnology Hub, Kyoto University (at Yoshida Campus)


  • Thin film tensile testing machines (Original)
  • Micro Raman Spectroscopy (HORIBA, LabRAM HR-800)
  • Scanning Electron Microscope (JEOL JSM-6390)
  • Manual Prober with Laser Trimmer
  • Digital Lock-in Amplifier(Zurich Instruments, HF2-LI, MF-LI)
  • Impedance Analyzer (Keysite, 4294A)

Clean room

  • Moving mask aligner(Japan Science Engineering, MUM-0001)
  • Dicing machine(DISCO,DAD-322)
  • EB deposition(Yashima, Custom made)
  • Thermal deposition (ULVAC KIKO, VPC-260F)
  • Wedge wire bonding tool(Ultrasonic engneering,SW-1-7K)
  • Nanoimprint(Bondtech, NI-1000K)

【Research topics】