Piezoelectric Vibrating Gyroscope using Cylindrical Lithium Niobate Resonator

In recent years, automatic driving has been attracting attention, and the miniaturization of gyros, which are important for realizing such automatic operation, is expected to increase. MEMS piezoelectric vibration gyros, which are compact, low-cost, and high-performance, have attracted much attention. In our previous research, a cylindrical gyro using lithium niobate, which is expected to have high performance, was developed. However, high performance could not be obtained due to mode mismatch caused by elastic anisotropy. In this study, we proposed a method to reduce mode mismatch by adjusting the wall thickness.

Conference Presentation

Kenji Morita, Toshiyuki Tsuchiya, Kazutaka Araya, Tsunehiko Imamura, Masanori Yachi
Angular Rate Detection using Cylindrical Piezoelectric Vibrating Gyroscope Using Single Crystal Lithium Niobate
JSME 2022 Annual Meeting, Toyama, Sep. 11-14, 2022, J223p-05

Research,Sensorgyroscope,lithium niobate