Q-factor of Si nanoresonator

Nanoresonator is a mechanical beam with nano-scale thickness capable of showing resonance vibration. It is used in ultrasensitive sensing applications such as single-protein mass spectroscopy and atomic force sensing, where the resonance frequency shift indicates small change in mass or force. When detecting the frequency shift precisely, high Q-factor is needed to get sharp resonance peak. Q-factor is related to the stored and lost energy of the resonator during vibration, and improving Q-factor requires reducing the dominant loss in the vibrating resonator. We fabricate Si nanoresonators to investigate various damping mechanisms in order to identify and reduce dominant loss.

Conference Presentation

Yuma Ohara, Amit Banerjee, Jun Hirotani, Toshiyuki Tsuchiya
Reduction of anchor loss in high quality factor silicon nano-resonator for gas sensors,
JSME2022 annual conference, Toyama, Japan (September 11-14, 2022), J223p-06