Reliability of Micro/Nano Machine

Mechanical Reliability Evaluation in Microsystem and MEMS

MEMS is being used in potable and mobile devices. The mechanical reliability, especially durability against shock and vibration, is a critical issue. We have been working on the mechanical reliability of MEMS devices and materials in microsystem.

Mechianical property evaluation of micromaterials

  • Thin film tensile testing using electrostatic force grip
  • Parallel tensile testing of micro specimens integrated with piezoresistive strain gauge
  • Long-term reliability evaluation of MEMS using resonant vibration
  • Fatigue test of MEMS miromirror using torsional vibration

Tensile strength and fatigue properties of thin film material

  • Tensile strength of single-crystal and polycrystalline silicon thin film
  • Lifetime modeling of single crystal silicon
  • Strengthen of single crystal silicon microstructures using DLC coating
  • Tensile strength of dielectric thin film (silicon dioxide and silicon nitride)
  • Tensile strength of metal thin film (aluminum, nickel, titanium, etc.)