Nanoscale instrumentation using MEMS

Development of MEMS teststand device for instrumentation in nanoscale.

Based on MEMS sensor technology, in which sensors measure tiny force and displacement, we are developing a new instrumentation system for measuring physics in nanoscale and material properties of nanomaterials.

Energy carrier transportation measurement in large-area nanogap

  • Integrated teststand device with cleaved nanogap of single crystal silicon
  • Field emission measurement in vacuum nanogap
  • Heat radiation measurement in nanogap
  • Proposal of low-temperature thermionic generator using nanogap

Tensile testing of nanomaterial

  • Electrostatic and thermal actuated nano tensile testing device
  • Tensile tesing of C60 nanowire
  • Tensile testing of single-walled carbon nanotube
  • Tensile testing of silicon nanowire