応 用先

  • DNAオリガミの精製プロセス
  • DNAオリガミ重合体のサイズ分離


  • A Constrained Rigid Body Brownian Dynamics Simulation for On-Chip Size-Separation of Cross-linked DNA Origami Tiles, 28th International Microprocesses and Nanotechnology Conference, Toyama Japan, November 2015.
  • Brownian Dynamics Simulation for Electrophoretic Migration of DNA Nanostructures in a 2D Anisotropic Nanosieving Structure, The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan (IEEJ) Sensor/Micromachine Division Symposium, Hakata, Kyushu, Japan, 2 – 3 July 2015
  • A Multibody Brownian Dynamics for Modeling Size-separation of dsDNA Fragment and DNA Origami Tiles in Anisotropic Nanosieving Array, NEMS 2016 (Accepted)